Ray, Don Baylor, and Jeff

Visit with Don Baylor at Rangers/Diamonbacks’ game

Earlier posts had described our trip to see Nolan Ryan before the Texas Rangers/Arizona Diamondbacks game in June and our providing cow bones to the Arizona Diamondbacks to use to bone their bats with.  After the Rangers/Diamondbacks game, we had the chance to visit with Don Baylor, the hitting coach for the D’backs.  We were in baseball heaven to meet with two great legends of baseball and see a great baseball game.  It just does not get much better.

Frank Seale, who was Don’s high school baseball coach, along with his wife, Ann, were at the game.  We met up with them and Becky, Don’s wife, and went down to the area outside of the visiting team’s locker room.  After a bit, Don came out and greeted Thomas, Ray, and me, and we had the chance to go into the locker room to see the memorabilia room that the visiting locker room attendant has assembled over the years.  I cannot describe how many autographed baseballs, photos, bats, along with other sports memorabilia were there.  I took photos of the room so I could try to process the information, but I think it was in vain!

We ended the evening leaving the ballpark with Don and his family along with the Seales.  A gate attendant asked Don to see his rings, which were quite large and impressive.  We told everyone goodnight, wished everyone well, and went our separate ways.  What a great evening of creating lifetime memories!

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