Balloon over Fairy Chimneys

Balloon ride over Cappadocia

Jackie and I took our first hot-air balloon ride ever this morning over Cappadocia. We had a great time although getting in and out of the basket was another issue!

We may have some more balloon rides in our future although we may have been spoilt with such a soft landing. The winds are very gentle here so the pilot said that this is a great place to fly a balloon.

We saw the Fairy Chimneys from such a great vantage point today, as well as getting to see the sun rise over Turkey. Enjoy the photos.

Snail or camel

Playful images from Cappadocia

Jackie and I are in the Cappadocia region of Turkey and are seeing some strangely wonderful geography. Because of volcanic activities long ago where ash was deposited and because of centuries of erosion caused by wind and rain, there are some very unique features called “Fairy Chimneys.” In one area, there are some that remind people of certain animals or people or even hats.

Here are a few of the Fairy Chimneys. See if you agree with what our guide told us these look like.